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Welcome to Acorn Physical Therapy

Dreams still come true at Acorn Physical Therapy. Have you ever lost a dream due to poor health, limited fitness, a tragic accident or the aging process? Are you losing the ability to dynamically move, play a sport or dance? How hard is it to just get up and go?

We are a mighty, mini, mountain physical therapy and training facility offering a refreshing team approach to help you achieve improved fitness and wellness. At our new 2009 clinic, we utilize state of the art bio-medical equipment (Biodex and Cybex) and functional training techniques to equip you with "tools" to help you reach new peaks of health.

In the spirit of western pioneers, we operate at the frontier of modern medicine and athlete (patient) training. We personalize therapy and programs in order to improve the state of wellness and dynamic function of each client. To enhance self-image, we treat all our clientele as athletes who are endeavoring to dream new dreams.

We are a facility of hope and encouragement where wishes still come true.

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