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About Us

Acorn Physical Therapy is a full service outpatient physical therapy and athlete training facility established in Arnold circa 1982. In early 2009, we moved in order to better meet client needs and provide the latest technology and equipment. We are a "Mighty Mini Mountain Mom & Pop PT and Training Facility" that offers a refreshing team approach to help you achieve improved health, fitness and confidence in daily living.

In the spirit of western pioneers, we operate at the frontier of modern medicine and athlete (patient) training techniques. We personalize therapy and training in order to improve the state of wellness and dynamic function of each client. To enhance self-image, we treat all our clientele as athletes who are endeavoring to "train up" in life. We are a facility of hope and encouragement.

Balance training for fall prevention is an important component of our PT program. As we get weak through illness and the aging process, we lose confidence in movement and the desire to remain active at times. Our program functionally strengthens and dynamically balances individuals allowing them to actively engage in life. We are dedicated to helping you be safer as you navigate the environment and want you to dream new dreams.

The following private pay training programs utilize functional exercises to increase life quality, performance and the state of wellness.

AIM @ APT is a unique training program to help individuals improve functional strength, dynamic motion, stamina and performance in life. As healthcare professionals, we design the program around your life goals--biking, gardening, golfing, playing sports, skiing, working, etc. We develop the whole athlete physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We instill new habits that lead to efficient motion and improved capability. Your success is our success!

EAT @ APT is our own highest level training regimen. From professional and Olympic athletes, to college and school athletes, to all amateurs seeking to be the "best they can be", we train athletes. No one is beyond help. The program consists of four components--dynamic core strengthening, resistance work, high intensity interval training, and agilities. Our success with local athletes is remarkable. Whether you are recovering from serious injury or just want to improve your overall performance, we are here for you. If you want to perform at new levels, come on down!

Tfor2 @ APT is a novel outreach to couples looking to regain fitness in their relationship on all levels. We work on developing life skills that transcend basic exercise regimens while expanding communication. This program is filled with encouragement, inspiration and love.

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