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I am absolutely CRAZY about skiing. So, when I tore my ACL I was extremely disappointed (to say the least). It meant the end of ski season, surgery, months of rehab - big bummer.

Little did I realize, the very event that seemed so catastrophic would turn out to be a major, positive turning point for me as an athlete. At the risk of sounding corny, it really was all thanks to Janet and Mike Lee at Acorn Physical Therapy. My rehab experience with them was off the charts. I became strong in so many ways - first of all, physically (yeah!!), and not just my knee. I am now actually stronger and more balanced than I've ever been. But I also worked hard on my emotional muscles - muscles I didn't dream would need so much attention. With Mike's coaching every step of the way, I now feel that when I stand at the top of a steep run for the first time back, I'll be ready. Fears of re-injury might pop up, but I'll know how to deal with them.

So, in retrospect, I consider my torn ACL to be a blessing in disguise. I am very grateful to the Acorn team for helping me return to a state where I can do the things that I want to do in my life - and I can't wait to hit the slopes!

Nancy Page

The work I have done at Acorn Physical Therapy, with the exceptional instruction, support, and personal investment in my success provided by the staff and administration, has effectively changed my life forever. The staff has changed my perception of futility into a vision of hope and provided me with the incremental steps necessary to achieve my personal goals.

Although the road has not been an easy one, the staff has shown me the physical, mental and emotional support needed to overcome obstacles and persevere toward a fulfilled life which I only imagined in the past. While I am aware that there will be other stumbling blocks in the future, I remain steadfast in my determination to attain my goals.

The joy I now experience every day because of my weight loss and physical strengthening enables me to pay it forward to those who continue to struggle with life issues. With love and appreciation...........

Linda Casale
Retired Special Ed Teacher

I am 56 years old. In May of 2008, I started Physical Therapy with Janet for back and hip problems. I had over a decade of disabling issues and was fed up with pain and growing weakness. Any heavy lifting was not an option for me. Referred pain in the legs would be the reward. The first three weeks, Janet assessed me and got me going on basic strength building and body awareness techniques. At week three, Mike stepped into the picture and worked with me until August of that year, completing 3 months of training. I continued getting stronger with my varied workouts solo through September of 2009.

On October 1st of 2009, my wife and I signed up for Mike's Athletes In Motion, couples training. In seven weeks I have accelerated in strength, energy and endurance in ways unimaginable. My wife and I train together. She too is reaching her goals for trimming down, getting stronger and more. We train 3 days a week. For us it's like having a date 3 times a week. Along with all the strength training, because we do this together, our overall communication has improved.

It has only been a total of 18 months since I started this work. While a good deal of effort and commitment is necessary, the payoff is tremendous. I highly recommend Athletes In Motion with Mike to anyone serious about improving overall health and well being.

Ron Schaner, December 2009

T for 2 at Acorn Physical Therapy is the best investment my husband and I have ever made in ourselves and each other. In this economy, it wasn't an easy decision, but we decided our health was worth it.

Well, let me tell you the return is amazing. Not only are our bodies getting stronger, healthier and toned; our relationship is also getting stronger, healthier and toned. By training together we are communicating better, gaining a new respect and learning how to be patient with each other. This training expands throughout every aspect of our lives. Being stronger and healthier allows us to enjoy and give more to our work, family and friends. It helps us cope and deal with the death of a loved one or dying friend, by having the extra strength. Mike Lee's Athletes in Motion is giving us the tools to help us handle and cope with life.

It's the little things that count--being able to lift a cast iron pan with one hand, extra energy and going on a hike with the man I love.

Tami Schaner, December 2009

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